No, not ready at all
to feel the deep earth
resonate, they said
as they marched
in time to the rising
and the setting of the sun.
Perhaps tomorrow
the line will practice
meandering just a bit
from the center 
holding disparity 
tightly together.
Someone will
step aside
to intentionally collect
what the others 
have left behind.
And, perhaps, then,
the disquiet of each heart
will begin to be heard.

A Rainbow With Hands

A morning tear on my cheek begins my day.
Am I tired out from yesterday's chase after answers
or saddened the answers remain in the dark?
It has been said by those who know,
We must choose to live with the questions.
I am glad the ache in my heart and the ache in my head
remain the same from one year to the next.
I still demand the same though time moves on.
And a precious daughter writes me notes of love
and a drawing of a rainbow with hands.


Seek beautiful dialogue
on the nature of answers.

The greatest possible number of answers
should not create the smallest number of questions.

Adequate answers should never satisfy
those who seek to live at the edge of time.

Beware of answers creating
a numbing of the mind.

Divine movement does not hide in answers
but in questions asked in awkward moments.