A Reality Not Your Own

I said, "I'm a bit concerned, 
the prophet says, Your wife 
will become a prostitute in the city."

She stopped, a bit miffed. "Memories 
tend to flatten over time."

I agreed.  "This all sounds like a 
thoughtless wish for an empty bedroom."

She added, "Or a famine of hearing 
the words of g*d."

I realized, once again, "A large part 
of my joy is not being where I am 
supposed to be when I am supposed
to be there.  Wherever there may be."

She smiled and said, "Welcome
to the other side of popping
into a reality not your own."

An Experiment

An experiment: put the face 
of the quarter moon on the rising sun
to see if there really is a deck of cards
inside a cutout Bible that the holy man
after Sunday service pulls off his top shelf
with news of a bottle of the good stuff 
to pass the deal and begin again 
the game contrived from birth 
to see who crosses the start line last 
running the wrong way with one hand 
raised waving to the crowd and in the other 
holding the queen of spaced.