But Jesus answered John, “Let it be so now.” – John 3:15

God of the Present Moment,
God of the Past,
God of Possibility for the Future,
pour out your Now upon our heads;
anoint us into What Is;
not because What Is Now is better 
than any Other way of being Alive
but because Now is all we have
while the great suck of Time
continues on its Journey
daring to separate Us
from the Here and Now.


Seeing the stars and the sliver of moon
as the sunset fades into the wildfire
of creation's night sky, I am aware:
of obstacles overcome on the way and
the greatness of beauty expanded
in a few relationships, the time
where negotiation standing on a side
with a firm line collapsed into an embrace,
a new perception of beauty walking towards
me in all of its ostentatiousness and
rolling swagger and the cathedral of limits
opening its doors and declaring, Today,
and perhaps tomorrow, the necessary
and the good will become one.