I said, "It is our cravings that best
postulate the divine."

She said, "My, my, look who awoke
as a theologian this morning."

I said, "And underneath desire for
fulfillment are the wants and needs that
I accumulated from my dreams."

She yawned, "I prefer the simple
upward look to the skies at night
to feel what I am missing and 
what I yearn for."

I asked, "Are you suggesting that the
very idea of God is not a miracle of
our own thought?"

She answered, "Yes and no and I am
thinking of how wonderful it will be 
to fill this space with the smell 
of cinnamon rolls."

Desire for Ourselves

“We desire according to the desire of the other.” - Rene Girard

Anti-septic joy-killers
look for those who have
honest relationships
with their own hearts,
while willfully seeking 
to back persons who wallow
in well-financed ignorance
and thoughtful thoughtlessness.
Mourners remember, others ignore,
the name of the last one
lowered into the ground.
Call on the people of the margins,
those who suffer suffering,
until the wizard behind
the green curtain is revealed.
Only then may we return
to the place where we
can desire for ourselves.