A Reality Not Your Own

I said, "I'm a bit concerned, 
the prophet says, Your wife 
will become a prostitute in the city."

She stopped, a bit miffed. "Memories 
tend to flatten over time."

I agreed.  "This all sounds like a 
thoughtless wish for an empty bedroom."

She added, "Or a famine of hearing 
the words of g*d."

I realized, once again, "A large part 
of my joy is not being where I am 
supposed to be when I am supposed
to be there.  Wherever there may be."

She smiled and said, "Welcome
to the other side of popping
into a reality not your own."


Those who survive horrific car crashes in their youth
know innocence makes up words like okay and fine and sure.

Sometimes getting down on hands and knees and looking
under the sofa for the baby in the stroller helps doubt.

A daughter in a green-blue-and-black-striped bathing suit
stands against the white sand perpetually outlined in light.

Joy heard through the sighs of those who lose beloved pets
wraps any words preachers say to loosely threaded posts.

Perfect Edge

Knifing my way around
the edge of the sqaure
pan of brownies, I say,
"Everyone wants the middle piece."

She says, "I am not a middler,"
while grabbing two inches of crisp edge.

I grab one whole side of edge,
"A perfect relationship is found
in sharing."

She smiles, "We both love the edge."

I say, "And eat the middle
if there is room."

She declares, "There is always
room in the middle between us."

“Where do we learn to work like this?”

From Sisyphus and his endless, uphill rock-rolling where we end up 
tired as the smell of last night’s cod hanging in the kitchen
or done like a dung beetle after rolling the last dung ball of the day.
Imagine letting the ball fall and go rolling into the sea
where ocean waves release upon the shore 
like the unclenching of a fist that has unlearned 
the slow steps of a pallbearer treading again and again 
upon the sacred ways, red as worn, sanctuary carpet 
in the morning light.  To skip like a flower girl 
throwing rose petals left and right and into the face 
of the ring-bearer who carries his symbol of infinite 
love, careful not to let it drop and bust, a shattered jar
of rainbow-colored gumballs, where chance
could have them bounce and reel under a pew 
and disturb the slow, rolling of bones turning over
in the graves of hard-working saints, long-dead and gone.