Labor of Love

I am sure I have labored here before
and danced when the day's job was done.

All my introductions and welcomes rush
into the past where smiles and laughter

hide in plain sight and affirm that I feel right
about the decisions which I have made.

Some places and some times have been better
for me than others where I felt less than myself.

Returning home I find all the love that I love
dressed up and ready to go to worship.

Two Deer

Allow risk in worship of the flowers
blooming this time of year.  It is not 
your responsibility to stimulate others
into smiling and nodding at the pleasures
of life.  Two deer will always stroll by
the window when you try to write these 
words.  Another first day of spring gently 
moves across the cacophony only heard 
by the few.