The Latest Report from the Stars

I said, "The flower must die
for the sake of the fruit."

She asked, "Are you purposely
being morbid to make a point
or seeking to pollinate conflict?"

I answered, "Just passing along
the latest report from the stars."

She said, "Without the first stars
exploding into dust there would 
be no flower."

Satisfied, I said, "I was hoping to land 
ourselves into the midst of an infinite 

She said, "If that is the case then let
us dance in the vastness of all that
comes before us."

Peaceful Pointing

Peace is a nice goal and all
but does not help making peace for all.
A Minister of the Word stepped down from the Pulpit,
bowed his head as if to Pray and began to cry.
     They didn't get it from me;
     Faith formation starts in the family.
The Bible is just a little tale of tension between
Creation and human ways of de-creating.
God points to the Man.
The Man points to the Woman.  
The Woman points to the Snake.
The Snake, with its tongue, points to God.
Nothing new under the sun.

Grass in Snow

Where does a blade of grass find the ferocity
to stand through the covering of heavy snow?

A blade of grass
stands through the covering of
newly fallen snow.

Enough snow 
has fallen
to cover
each blade
of grass
still present
under the

I love the tracks I make with my feet
when walking across frosted blades of grass.

the expanding 
line of exposed grass
in warm snow that ends 
at the foot of a child's creation.