Sometimes it helps

I said, "Sometimes it helps
to get way off topic after
a rushed beginning."

She said, "It also helps to know
where on life's infinite continuum
one resides in care."

I thought aloud, "Or at least
to find a place to speak your word."

She laughed, "I thought you were
going to say, 'Speak your truth.'"

Smiling, I replied, "And then we 
would be lost trying to find 
the story of responsibility."

She asked, "Whatever happened
to reminder postcards sharing ideas
for next steps towards accountability?"

A Future

Qualified participants complete resource lists
feeling sufficiently whole now that the beginning
of wisdom appears on the horizon.  Stories with 
intent bring solidarity with suffering and the children's
events point to where the powerful run the rides.
Communication now happens with kind gestures
revealing possibilities for grace relations between
people and other people.  Islands of free will no 
longer float at sea since people discovered 
and then wrote about God hardening Pharaoh's heart.


Cute nuances bring me 
low again this morning.
The very breath of God moves,
not over watery chaos
but through me, pushing
me out the door to receive
a morning world still not awake.
Books I read last night 
have arranged themselves
on the dining room table,
feasting on leftover peas
and carrots and crumbs
from the food fight I had
with my familiar after dinner.
The question is not about
who wins or loses
as there is plenty of ground
to soak up all the blood
spilled in this world. 
Listen to the heartbeat
of the bird that sings
alone on the wire 
below the crowded 
chattering gathered above.