The Great Thanksgiving

Take the great loaf of life
as if it is the last and greatest
wonderful paradox of the moment.

Offer thanks, awkwardly at first,
and then, perhaps, with more 
boldness since your soul remains.

Break open the bread as if all
the constrictions of the world
are nothing but whispy threads.

Give generously to all those who
have chosen to fall down after sensing
something greater than themselves.


Give thanks to the gods of many things
For dancing alive in still water
For the smile on faces creased with years
	and for the delight of a first surprise
For sleeping in under soft covers
	and the cracked window welcoming the cold air
For brothers that call first thing in the morning
	and for sisters here and over there
For all those who have gone before
	carefully placing the stones along the way
For the drizzle that gives way to snow
For gathering and not gathering
	with neighbors and with enemies
	knowing despite all knowing
	that there will be another year
	on the other side of this one

“Go, eat your bread with enjoyment, and drink your wine with a merry heart; for God has long ago approved what you do.” – Ecclesiastes 9:7

who sets the table before us,
move the heavy-laden from our minds
move the care-laden from our hearts,
create a feast of bread and wine
to share with those we cannot touch.