…to walk in all God’s ways… – Deut 10:12

who strolls in the garden and in the desert,
who walks the sea and down from the mountaintop,
who dares to become human out of curiosity
and who dwells in our midst where we are gathered,
sometimes your steps are so wide apart
that our all-too-human strides stumble and trip
trying to keep up with the latest demands
of our own interpretation of your holy ways.
Pick us up and dust us off once again
and as many times as is needed
so we may more than dream
but yearn to walk with you.

“Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles?” – Matthew 7:16

God of fruits that feed and nourish,
God of dangers that puncture and cut,
light the porches of well-being;
for while you hand out treats
in places we find so hard to discover,
we seek the tricks of promises
for an easy eternity,
looking in the fields of fortune
for the harvests of fame.

“The kingdom of God is not coming with things that can be observed.” – Luke 17:20

Hidden God,
beyond the horizon,
underneath the nearest stone,
behind the turn of the earth, 
within the veins of dropped leaves;
we turn and turn again
and you spin around us with yourself;
come into our lives with things
that do not need to be observed
for our attention wanders 
and the shiny has replaced the simple.

“Did you not agree with me for the usual daily wage?” – Matthew 20:13

Creator of wealth and wages,
sustaining living,
feeding multitudes,
giving everything,
withholding nothing;
make us see enough for all
as the only way for each
of us to have enough;
for we say,
Give us this day 
our daily bread,
while hoarders hoard,
spenders spend,
treasures trove,
and demand grows.

Not a needy person among them – Acts 4:34

God who wanted to know God,
crying out into the Void, 
needing company,
how can you need
and we, your creation, not need?
Our daily bread is just that,
daily bread.
A dollar can only be stretched so far
before being ripped apart.
The need of the brutes
makes so many even more needy.
Dare we ask for more, God?
God, can you give more?
For need, 
our need,
is part of the fabric of
your way.