To an Unknown God

It has always been a challenge to bless
and uplift without pointing a finger.

The signs that honor our gods are posted
all over the town square.

Underneath any beautiful morning lie colors
waiting to be thrown into the sky.

My hope remains suspended between nothing
and infinity waiting for the divine particular.

One day there will be a way to bring all the 
pieces together without fear.

“The kingdom of God is not coming with things that can be observed.” – Luke 17:20

Hidden God,
beyond the horizon,
underneath the nearest stone,
behind the turn of the earth, 
within the veins of dropped leaves;
we turn and turn again
and you spin around us with yourself;
come into our lives with things
that do not need to be observed
for our attention wanders 
and the shiny has replaced the simple.

What We Care About

The hubris that one can control
their own resurrection
and the hiddenness of the virus
make need more visible.

Sometimes aesthetic sense fails
to develop even in the hardest times
so perhaps God is theology's 
greatest invention.

We do not recognize that 
we continue to benefit 
from the shameful history 
of our ancestors.

When the center is on fire
engage the periphery
for choosing where to begin
carries a great deal of power.

We argue about what we care about
attempting to get our story straight
and inviting the hope of hopes 
into hopelessness.