The Upcoming Day

A myth and a symbol trade places
on the pages of history.  The absolute
moves to the margin to create more space
for the relative.  Interpretation surprised
everyone not familiar with how the words
became written.  The dance between simple
and complex astounded all onlookers
as one bowed to the other right before
the music started.  There was one who sat 
in a corner looking in at the grasping play
exasperated with the showiness of it all.
Most left early determined to get a good
night's rest before attempting to take
what was learned and form the light
for the upcoming day.


"Serene is what happens to ourselves." - Rilke

But only after the visit of sorrows
that wander from one soul to the next.

To cry and get through to the place
and time of not crying is the yearning
of all who are full of sorrow.  

The moss in the garden accepts every falling tear 
sorrowing the rock upon which it and every 
absolute eternity rests in serenity.

Make the Way

The plum bonsai sits in the window
not asking for the sunlight to wrap it
in any treasured way nor to be special
like the sailboat in the bay requiring 
wind to move across the water.  To be
on the fringe of things is not about 
being accepted or not accepted but
requires a certain type of movement
like the boat riding through waves.
There is nothing forced about the prow
separating the path it must follow
through the water.  The water parts
to make the way.


How many heartbeats pass before
something resonates deep within?

Why does reading about God leave me
with long lists of forgettable quotes?

Does the origin of the urge for perfection
come from some prior perfect place?

What difference does change or reform make
to the moss quietly growing beside the rock?

Next to One Another

The vanishing disquiet of my heart
reminds me of the sacraments I missed
long ago; replaced with sacred moments
different from the last.  Others may look
upon how I search for the symbolic and say,
"It just didn't work well," but we never came
to any agreement on anything where protecting
our own wishes, desires and dreams mattered.
How can you tell if people are not interested?
How many bad looks does it take before
the fascination of slowly coming together
becomes, and even overcomes, anything
folded into two parts laying next to one another?

Where the Gospel Is Preached

What gospel will you preach?
The good news of common ancestry or
the fault line of difference?
The beauty of the sunlight through the trees or
of the setting sun sending light through countless
limbs waiting for spring's leaves?
And where does this "or" come from
and how does it insert itself into 
the most simplest of questions?
People move from one building to the next
avoiding the embarrassment of discipline.
Sharing lists with one another along the way
we are amazed at what can and should be done.
Certain combinations of humans continue 
to take care of their own as if a collective
birth mother had never died.  The pleasing
shape of conceits generated by the particular
grows with each new encounter knowing that
outside where the gospel is preached the pieces
still try to bring themselves together.