On Clotho, On Lachesis, On Atropos…NOT!

by Georgia Moore

First, this is not a “Sewing” web log or “blog” for short.

There will be no thoughts on running stitches. Nothing about basting stitches. Not a word on the backstitch; though I like the connotations of the word “backstitch.” No catch stitching clarifications. Likewise, no slip stitching; again, interesting undertones. No buttonhole stitching. And, from what my limited knowledge and Googling has shown me, these types of stitches are just names for hand-sewn stitches. There are other categories of stitches. So, let me make a blanket statement about sewing machine stitches: none will be found.

The extent of my sewing knowledge and of my sewing ability is limited to crudely bringing together with needle and thread two sides of cloth of a favorite item of clothing which has been ripped or torn; usually a shirt or the crotch of a pair of shorts or pants. Sometimes the color of the thread that I use matches the cloth I am sewing together. Sometimes.

No, I am not interested in the physical use of thread and the act of sewing. Reader, if this is your primary interest then click on another link in your search for thread-related websites.

I am, however, very interested in thread as metaphor, as a concept, as a thought-experiment, as a symbol and as a way of understanding what pulls me through Life.

The title of this blog comes from the first line of the poem “The Way It Is” by William Stafford.

“There is a thread you follow.”

“The Way It Is” is one of my favorite poems. William Stafford is one of my favorite poets. Yes, there will be poems in this blog. Many poems.

Note: I do NOT want to give the impression that this is a blog devoted to a deterministic understanding of the human condition; as if the Greek fates, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, were sitting on their stools creating the thread of an individual’s life, dispensing that thread of life and then ending a thread of life with a quick snip of a pair of mythic scissors. Imagine how busy they would be given the billions and billions of lives that have been, that are and that will be. Busy, busy, busy. Though I do like the discovery made by the Ancient Greeks about the effectiveness of the division of labor.

A side note: If you are interested in gorgeous art, Google images of “Greek Fates”.

Simply put: the guiding theme of this blog is to follow the multiple and various and infinite threads of Life as I live them…

Read on if this seems appealing.

Feel free to leave a comment if the thread you follow is pulled in any particular way by my reflections on the thread that I follow.

And enjoy.

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