Sugar Molasses Spice Cookies

After breakfast I found myself out in the section of my yard where dandelions and violets are in abundance.  I spent a fair amount of time dead-heading the dandelions - a new COVID-19 ritual - to keep the fuzzy, albeit lovely, poofballs of seeds to a minimum.  I have found the morning to be the ideal time to do that because the poofballs have not opened up to the day's air...and to the breeze that bloweth where it will.  I like to see the happy bees moving from flower to flower.  I like to relish the fact that I don't care if my neighbors prefer all-green lawns.  My spot of yard is colored with yellow and violet and that rarer white-violet.  And it is lovely...

Another reason why this morning reflection is a bit later than usual is I got caught up in a powerful and engaging TED Talk given by BJ Miller, a hospice and palliative medicine physician.  Given in 2015, the Talk resonates with my/our conditions today.  What makes for a meaningful moment in life?  The conditions in which Miller works are fundamentally not much different than the conditions in which we find ourselves.  The wisdom he shares from experience is poignant and moving.  It re-affirmed my sense that "normal" let alone "The New Normal" is whatever we make a moment out to be.  He affirmed my notion that an aesthetic that engages the senses is the most robust and dynamic way to affirm a person's humanity, an other's humanity and my own.

AND, Miller gave me a dietary revelation, one which I tend to adjust this afternoon.  Miller says, "Seriously, with all the heavy-duty stuff happening under our roof, one of the most tried and true interventions we know of, is to bake cookies."

Have a bake-full day...

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