“Now a new king arose over Egypt, who did not know Joseph.  He said to his people, Look, the Israelite people are more numerous and more powerful than we.” – Exodus 1:8-9

God, clother of Adam & Eve
God, designer of the mark written on Cain
God, gifter of the rainbow
God, appointer of Abraham
God, stayer of the hand of the slayer of son Isaac
God, chooser of Joseph,
God, creator of kings,
how can a newly created king not know of Joseph?
Shouldn't the lack of knowledge
turn people into blathering idiots
who only know how to follow and how to be slaves?
Why do idiocy and stupidity seem to always take
the thrones of condemnation and carelessness?
Do you, God, get some perverse pleasure
out of the rare instances where
powerlessness prevails over power?
Sure, the names of the powerlessness
ring across the history of humanity
but the names of those wiped away
with the wave of a hand by those in power
are more numerous
than grains of sand on Crescent Beach
and more numerous
than the countless stars in the universe
and, horrifically, forgotten.
God of upside down power and God of upended numbers,
the multitudes cry out, Save us!

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