Fit for Ceres

“Essentially modern in character,majestic in its dignity and size,and dominant in its unchanging beauty…” – John A. Holabird and John Wellborn Root Jr., Architects Of the Chicago Board of Trade Building, Completed 1930

Your body 
tells a story
like a finely 
designed and 
well-built building.

Do the front doors revolve?
Open by pulling or by pushing?
Swing, unhinged for handling?

How many exterior step-backs layer
- because you never want to put
your whole self out there at the same 
time for those on the ground to point
and ogle at the very shape of your self -
from the ground to the air that swirls 
around the feet of Ceres, the goddess 
of grain and of agriculture and of fertility.

Questions inhabit buildings:
What is the occupancy rate?
Bathrooms convenient?

How long do 
guests wait for 
the one express
elevator to
rise to where
you reside?

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