Ode to My 2016 Cubs World Series Trophy Paperweight

Imagine the weight of the world, a serious wait
 for Chicago Cubs fans, one hundred and eight
 years between World Series victories lifted
 that chill November evening in Indian country.  
 The seventh game, delayed by rain after the end 
 of the ninth, score tied after blowing a two run lead!
 Is this the Scrubs of old?  To lose again?
 The Curse of the Billy Goat and winning no more
 proving to be true? No!  Instead, shouts of Yes!  Yes!  Yes!
 A young schoolboy’s old dream of heaven,
 to win it all in the final inning of a game seven.
 And players playing in that boyish exuberance
 more wet from champagne than from the rain
 that dared to stain, no, blemish, no, fail, no,
 not this time, not exasperation again once again.
 Wait ’til next year no more! for on this night
 the Cubbies found it with hits to left, center and right.
 Futility erased.  Beaming faces.  Trophy raised.
      Little copies of the real trophy made.
 Twenty-three golden flagpoles with the pennants 
 of those teams who were not good enough 
 - not enough of the good stuff - to paint
 the winner’s hardware with the team color blue
 and have emblazoned for the first time,
 in over one hundred year’s time, the letters 
 C-U-B-S 2016 World Series Champions
 to sit on the desks of big boys dreaming dreams
 of winning and raising their own trophy to the sky. 

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