Wonder for a Day

To find moments for being gentle in the midst of strident
cries gives rise to the necessity to trust the stories
sharing directions that make sense.  Other stories do not 
have to be mine.  Meaning for one is not meaningful 
for another.  As one theologian writes, We must be
diligent in the pursuit of proximate answers and solutions
to understand the ultimate problem of human existence.
How many people look upon their existence as a problem?
I believe that beginning my morning with yogurt in the same
wooden bowl I have used for years starts the story of my day.
While living, I can continue to read to gain some wonderful insights.
Whether or not the omnipotent God cares is not something
I find myself caring about, knowing that to do so is somehow
a disservice to the complexities of life.  Small notes of love tucked
between pages of my journal create all the wonder I will need
for a day.  

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