“…and though there were so many, the net was not torn.” – John 21:11

Breaker and Mender,
Tearer and Weaver,
Rupturer and Binder,
who sets us on a way;
we fill our days
with consuming visions of so much
and end up feeling rent and shattered;
collect us as we tear ourselves
and each other to pieces,
holding it all
so nothing is lost and falls.

Into the Wilderness

Continue to look through the Complacency
created by Ache-Covering Consumerism and
Beyond the Announcements that offer Delights 
for All Ages while the Big Imperative roots
around in commercial Offerings caught
between the First Half of Life and the Last Step
into the Tomb where all wait in Hope
for some Miracle to motivate Modern Man
to leave Nothing below and Go willingly
into the Wilderness.