I said, "I accidentally dropped
the "o" from Hello this morning
and created..."

She leaped in, "Stop!  Don't finish!
A little bit of that always goes
a long way."

I asked, "Are you suggesting that we
should do what the soul calls for?"

She replied, "Only if all parties 
recognize that there are three sides
to every argument."

Thinking out loud, I said, "How is talking
about it now seen as a threat?"

"Because," she answered, "change
never comes from the delights
of being comfortable."

Suddenly Jesus met them and said, “Greetings!” Matthew 28:9

God of the Garden Tomb,
Mover of earth and stone and air,
Speaker of "Hello",
in the morning and
in our mourning
you step out and greet us
as if we were neighbors
stepping out to get our mail
after a long day of work.
Make "Hello" natural again
because we don't know each other.