Whose are these,
these fingers,
that tamp gently 
upon my face?

Layer after layer
of plaster strips
softened, gently pressed 
then smoothed
upon the ridges and folds
of my cheeks, nose and chin.

I hear the quiet comments
of one daughter to another
saying, Here, and, There,
and I relax into another year
of camp where the years 
themselves layer, 
each upon the other,
creating one memory from 
many memories that I will
take to the gates on my death
and say, These days, these moments,
were the finest of my life.

Moses would put the veil on his face again – Exodus 34:35

Countless-Faced One,
who speaks to us through Moses,
whose face shining bright with holy knowledge
makes the people afraid,
remove the masks that enshroud our hearts from love;
place them as veils, as masks, over our lips
to protect all others from our cruel words
and thoughtless deeds.