Notes from 2020 – 2

It is nice...

...To get a real pair of shoes on
       and move around.
...To choose life-projects that require the fewest number of swear words,
       then, when the hammer hits the thumb, smile.
...To realize that bubblegum named after a weapon of war
       comes wrapped in a comic for a reason.
...To wonder if the ending of substance abuse is the result of 
       God's time or of having one's head in the toilet too many times?
...To watch her surf genealogically through the waves and waves
       of generations before her.
...To affirm, it still is not biblical to pray
       before eating the food.
...To not worry about proper approval, 
       but learn to work them first and worry later.
...To thank God, for Ecclesiastes has already collected 
       all our whines, worries and reflections.
...To rejoice, we all may come from away
       but here we all are.

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  1. Gerry Ritchhart says:

    So reassuring that Ecclesiastes has collected all our whines and complaints…..

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