Only Ands

With the mirror of possibilities all scratched & warped
facets added by unknown toilers in glass
faces blurred twisted kinked crooked & wry
so that eyes become ears & smiles morph into sneers
nothing is more important in this inviolable time 
than for talking heads to quote commentaries 
on commentaries on interpretations of realities.

Stay as far away from the truth as viable knowing
that it will be incredibly difficult to avoid spinning
with at least one true partner when the dance floor
is filled with thousands or more floating versions
moving in time to the latest sound 
from the Titanic's last gasp band combo.
(One truth: Always play to keep the people calm.)

Unite unite unite is today's plea
a call to all that dare - or is it deign -
to glance into the glass with silver on its back
in hopes of catching some gold reaching
into the binges we prefer & have grown to love.

But remember, with God, 
the one who almost touches Adam,
there are no buts
only ruts well-furnished 
by the less serious lifers
& for those who reach further 
only ands.

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