Avoiding Why

The force of moral imagination is not enough
to push against the comfort of the couch
and the chosen show to binge for an hour or four, 
nibbling and crunching one popcorn at a time
sipping bubble-impregnated, kiwi, fructose drinks.
I remember all those youngsters on the clown's show
trying to underhand toss a ping pong ball
into one, red bucket after another.
Bucket one. 
Bucket two.
Bucket three.
Bucket four.
Bucket five.
Bucket six.
Ball in bucket.  Success!  On to the next bucket.
Unfortunately, ping pong balls bounce.
Too many times the ping pong ball bounces out.
Life now amounts to bucket avoidance by
limiting exposure to difficult words ending in 'y' 
like volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity,
while embracing eat, drink and be merry.

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